An Exploration of Data Sets to Enhance Topics within a Sociology and Ethnic Studies Curriculum

Wallace Strong  (Ethnic Studies)


 Lois Sabol (Sociology)


Martin Meister (Mathematics)   



Yakima Valley Community College

Exercise 2--Applying Data

 Community Demographics

 Use the following data to construct a pictorial representation of this hypothetical community.


City X

Age 0-5

2,418 males; 2,391 females

Age 6-10

1,924 males; 2,000 females

Age 11-15

999 males; 1,050 females

Age 16-20





These cells will be filled in with appropriate hypothetical data.





Age 80+




  1. Create a population pyramid for the given data.


  1. Identify any age groups that are significantly larger or smaller than other age groups.


  1. Identify what you consider the age range for young adults.  What is the sex ratio for young adults? 


  1. Identify any age groups in which the sex ratio is significantly large or small.


  1. Assuming little or no migration, how many high school students will there be in 5 years?


  1. Which types of services will you need for the 2 largest age groups?  (List at least 5 for each group.)


  1. If the district wants to have no more than 400 students per school, how many elementary (grades K-5) will the community need?


  1. If a gynecologist has 500 patients on average, how many will the community need?


  1. If you were going to assess the needs of the community, what are at least 6 other social variables that you would need to know?