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MAC3 and Art

Introduction to the Humanities: The Golden Ratio
This course will implement three modules on ratio and proportion related to the visual and plastic arts during the Classical, Renaissance, and Modern ages into an "Introduction to Humanities" course. The Golden Ratio will be found in a variety of art. 

Art - Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Design Courses
This art class was enhanced with mathematics through a guest lecture from a math teacher who spoke about geometry, regular polygons, and tessellations. The students then used these geometric properties two- and three-dimensional design projects.

Art and Algebra
This Art instructor worked with a math instructor to use Algebra Tiles to design two-dimensional abstract paintings. After the students studied design and color theory to create paintings experimenting with color and geometric harmonies, they learned about 2nd degree polynomials through the Algebra Tiles.
Also see this entire unit as a module on The Electronic Bookshelf by clicking here.

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