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MAC3 and Statistics

Sound Science
The curriculum and activities we are planning for a math/biology linked learning community will give students the opportunity to make a connection to real activities outside the classroom. In our shared activities, “Sound Science,” students will engage in meaningful "active learning" during "lecture" time as opposed to the passive learning of listening to a lecture and taking notes.

Psychology and Statistics
As part of a MAC project at Columbia College, the faculty are Incorporating inferential statistics into everyday psychological life by using two assignments as added-value assignments. The assignments are being implemented into Psychology 1 (General Psychology) & Math 2 (Elements of Statistics).

Going With the Flow: Stream Statistics
Create a module that incorporates statistics and geoscience into our liberal arts math course. Test module with a small group. Eventually use in geoscience courses and linked math and geoscience courses.

Methods of Applied Statistics:

Methods is an interdisciplinary, project oriented course in which students conduct experiments, perform statistical analyses and produce lab reports.

Talking Numbers: How Statistics Tell Us Society's Story:

Curriculum to create a learning community that fosters an appreciation for and an understanding of the origin of sociological knowledge through statistics. 

Understanding Teen Smokers: A Data Analysis Project at the University of Washington Bothell
Curriculum designed to encourage students to use descriptive and inferential statistics to study ten smoking behaviors and beliefs about smokng.


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