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MAC^3 and Art History

Using Art History To Lower Math Anxiety
Use the history of the development of the pyramidal construction form in Egyptian architecture to explain to the students how these forms evolved utilizing both mathematics and geometry to achieve the perfect pyramid.

Art History  & Math (1 CR Math Enhancer)

A class combining an advanced art history (3 credit) class with a 1 credit  of math.

"Merging Perspectives" - Art History & Mathematics
A coordinated studies course merging the perspectives of Art History during the Renaissance and Baroque period and the mathematics used in that period.  Topics include use of geometry in cathedral design, perspective, the study of mathematicians and philosophers of that time period, etc

"Leonardo's Invention Club" - Art History & Physics

A ten-credit coordinated studies course combining Art History and "Physics for Every Day Life" studying the applied mathematics of Renaissance painters, sculptors and architects.

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