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MAC^3 and Business

Clothes Washers life cycle - Cost and environmental performance
the cross-disciplinary approach used by two groups of students from Everett Community College working together in order to numerically evaluate and compare the cost and environmental performance of different clothes washers in the market. The two classes involved were Intermediate Algebra and Green Purchasing.

Introduction to Finance: Practical Money Management
A new quantitative course for Business Management students to learn to apply financial skills to managing money at school, home and work.

Office Administration:  Improving Life Skills through Math
A teaching module linking mathematics to consumer financial issues placed in a capstone course for the Office Administration program.

Small Business Management at Edmonds Community College (2005)
Curriculum designed to develop quantitative skills for making sound business decisions.

Business Administration at Edmonds Community College  2003-2004

Curriculum designed to develop students quantitative skills college-wide ability.

This module uses the example of saddlemaking to illustrate practical uses of simple arithmetic in a small business setting. Using proportions and percentages to make business decisions as a professional saddlemaker, this unit analyzes materials and production costs as well as pricing simple and complicated work. To see this entire unit as a module on The Electronic Bookshelf, click here.

Managerial economics and marketing at the University of Washington - Bothell Campus

Integrating risk analysis techniques (including computer simulations) into undergraduate courses in managerial economics and marketing.

Business Calculus at University of Washington

Curriculum designed for active learning and making connections in the Business Calculus two-quarter sequence.


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