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MAC^3 and Economics

Discover the relationship between Algebra & Economics - "Hear the 'ECO' in Mathematics":

By integrating and reinforcing math skills (Intermediate Algebra, MAT 1033) into Principles of Macroeconomics (ECO 2013) and exposing current algebra students to relevant application of these skills, students in both courses will be encouraged and motivated to apply the content learned. Topics include interpreting tables and graphs, calculating slope, creating supply and demand curves, and understanding how fiscal and monetary policies influence the economy.

Managerial Economics and Marketing at the University of Washington - Bothell Campus

Integrating risk analysis techniques (including computer simulations) into undergraduate courses in managerial economics and marketing.

Economics and Mathemics collaboration at Bellevue Community College:  A 10-credit coordinated studies course consisting off introductory 200-level microeconomics and College Algebra for Business & Social Science majors.

Global Economics at the University of Washington, Bothell Campus

This project takes students who have little or no prior economic background (usually accompanied by an aversion to math) and tries to get them comfortable with economic models and assumptions.

Managerial Economics at University of Washington, Bothell Campus

A project deepening the mathematics in a Managerial Economics and Marketing Course.

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