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MAC3 and Education

Mapping The Socio-Culturally Sustainable Classroom
In this multi-day, student-centered, active learning assignment; students will use mathematical ideas to view the classroom as one component of a larger closed and sustainable system. Students will construct a spatially accurate concept map depicting the socio-cultural relationships and systems within classrooms and locate the teaching role within a layered, multifaceted and ideally sustainable system. Students and faculty will assess student learning by pre and post tests with the first and final draft of the group-generated concept maps and written metacognitive self-reflection. Mathematical components include scale, spatial and proportional reasoning, set theory, and Venn diagrams. At the culmination of the lesson, students will engage in a metacognitive activity and develop a concept map of the multi- day lesson.

TEEMS (Technology for Educators for Math & Science)
With this project, the Ed Media students will prepare a science and math combination lesson plan that uses new and existing technology in math and science. After developing the plan, the students will teach the lesson to the class.

Math for Elementary Teachers II : Inquiry into Life Science
This four-class learning community will provide an integrated curriculum experience for the final semester of elementary education majors focusing on integrating math into the science and education curricula.

Integrating Science and Math for Elementary Education Majors
The faculty developed modules for implementing into the Science and Math Courses for Elementary Education Majors. The modulesincluded topics including ratios of surface area and volume, the Normal distribution, data analysis, and probability.

The Wizard of Oz - Education & Math Together:

This project links courses in Education and Mathematics with the goal of educating prospective teachers in projecting a positive image of mathematics in the elementary school classroom.  The project also aims to develop or re-establish confidence in students' mathematical skills. Ultimately, we aim to help address the critical shortage of mathematics teachers/specialists, focusing on the elementary school grades.

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