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MAC3 and English

Fusion - The Unlikely Union of Physics and Composition
Students will have the opportunity to study and write about the culture of physics—its history, principles, laws, recent developments, and most important, its impact on daily life and society.

Preparing EAP (ESL) Students for College Success by Integrating Math Concepts in the EAP Curriculum
This project is set up to help ESL students succeed in their college career by building connections between math and language instruction. Instructors can help “bridge gaps in literacy students’ math knowledge, expand their communicative competence in English, and ultimately prepare them for success in future math coursework.

Communicating Computations: Basic Writing Skills and Developmental Mathematics
Students will develop tolerance for diversity by exposure to diversity issues in the media, students will see the importance of written expression within the Math context, students will conquer their Math and Writing anxieties, students will be engaged, students will publish their writing samples.

Math + English = 4Words
Weekly math-themed story problems, introduces different writing styles, encourages creativity and problem solving, make connections between math and English, better strategies make better communicators.

Making Connections
This course is a learning community that includes a 10-credit coordinated studies class that combines English 81 and Reading 94 with a link to Math 62. Not all students in the coordinated studies class (capped at 48) will be in the math class (capped at 32), but we are hoping that all of the math students will be in the coordinated studies course.

Communicating in Numbers and Words
In this fully-integrated, team-taught course, students will focus on recognizing and using patterns and attending to details in English and Math. Assignments throughout the course will tie both subjects together.

Rivers of Identity: The Nature of Being Human:
In this program we will explore the Pacific Northwest region's bio-diversity, including how environmental justice affects our lives, cultural communities, and identities. This program includes field trips, seminars, readings, projects, guest speakers, and films.

Space On Earth: An English, Math, and Science LC:
"Space on Earth" is a learning community linking Composition I, Basic Algebra II, and Environmental Issues. In this learning community, we will explore our relationship with the natural world, and take a constructive approach to today's environmental issues. Writing, Mathematics, and Science instruction will be interrelated throughout the semester as we address this theme.

English For Academic Purposes (EAP)

A lecture series to expose non-native English speaking students, exiting the EAP program, to the mathematical terms and concepts they will encounter on the College Placement Test (CPT) and within math courses.

Linking Basic Algebra, Basic Reading, and Basic Writing:
This project develops the curriculum materials for a learning community that links the courses Basic Algebra I, Basic Reading, and Basic Writing. The theme for the learning community is real world applications and the name Alpha is used to advertise and register students. One of the main objectives is to help students develop projects that apply skills and concepts from all three of our courses to different global issues.

College Prep Writing and Reading with Math:

A Learning Community to increase student success and graduation.

Developmental English and Math: 

Cultural Identity and Student Success - To foster college prep writing and mathematics student development by using writing to advance student understanding of mathematics and vice versa 

Chemistry & English Composition

A coordinated studies course combining Chem 100: Survey of Chemistry and English 101/201: English Composition.

English & Math Linked:

Mathematics & Writing:  how we learn to think deeply about ourselves and the world.  A pilot study linking Math 95 with Writing 91

English & Math Coordinated Studies Course : A joint math/writing course:  "Math:  Cult or Culture?"   Also see:

Math the "Write" Way: English and Math:

A full 10-credit coordinated studies course combining Intermediate Algebra and Essay Writing.   Also see:

English For Academic Purposes (EAP) - Exponential Functions :

A mini-coordinated studies aimed at helping ESL students correctly describe and explain exponential growth and population growth models in one essay.

English For Academic Purposes (EAP) - Statistics :

A mini-coordinated studies aimed at helping ESL students correctly describe and explain the use (or abuse) of statistics in an essay.  Also see:

Step to Math:

A collaboration between Adult Basic Education (ABE), English for Speakers of Other Launguages (ESOL) and mathematics. 


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