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MAC3 and Geology

Your Environmental Impact
To help students discover their own environmental impact and its costs and, as well, to help students develop their basic mathematics fluency by providing a number of personally relevant and important problems. The individual assignments build understanding of personal water use, sewage, waste generation and disposal, pollution sources and impacts, and energy use and costs.

Math, Geology, and Economics

In this project the faculty created modules that will be used in a selected mathematics course (College Algebra) and in applied content courses of General Geology and Economics. The modules make use of three representations of relations, namely data tables, graphs, and formulas.

Going With the Flow: Stream Statistics
Create a module that incorporates statistics and geoscience into our liberal arts math course. Test module with a small group. Eventually use in geoscience courses and linked math and geoscience courses.

By successfully completing this course, students should know how to …

do unit conversions
use mathrmatics/statistics to solve problems
collect data to use for a sample
analyze data numerically and graphically
compare a sample to a population (or a large data set)

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