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MAC3 and Health & Human Services

Math in a Service-Learning project:

  • Create service-learning assignments with quantitative elements that involve students directly in inventory, monitoring, evaluation and restoration of Lund’s Gulch Creek Watershed and its ecosystem services.
    • Create discipline specific assignments for courses in Human Ecology. These course are part of the Learn-n-serve Environmental Anthropology Field (LEAF) School.
    • Create discipline specific assignments for courses in Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Create a timeline that includes history of service-learning project and goals for the future (including implementation of quantitative assignments).
  • Prepare a prioritized plan for the creation of an online database where students can enter data and generate graphs, charts and tables showing historical trends in stream quality.

Addiction Studies at Spokane Falls Community College: Getting students to understand the social and economic context within which addiction exists, including risk and resiliency factors.   This includes the ability to read and evaluate research reports and other literature that provides statistical and survey data. 

Social Gerontology at Spokane Falls Community College:  Producing more quantitatively fluent program graduates who are compassionate and focused.  These professionals will credit our world with clear thinking, organized intervention, and competent service as educators, counselors, and service providers for youth and the elderly.

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